AVAN Infinity 609

Over the last few years, we have reviewed many various Avans, and I have often referred to their status as one of our largest RV manufacturers. Their range is vast and includes campers, poptops and full caravans as well as the Golf caravan range, Avan and Knaus motorhomes.

But it wasn’t until I toured the factory that I realised how big they really are. The complex is enormous, with nine huge factories spreading over many acres in Pakenham’s industrial area. More than 250 staff work at production lines dedicated to each range and the output is impressive, making Avan one of the top two builders in Australia.

Because they are so large, Avan has the benefit of dedicated design staff and systems that streamline production with modular construction. And while this might mean standardising on a minimal number of timber finishes in each range, they are able to add custom features with varieties of soft furnishings and laminates.

In a range that includes many entry-level campers and vans, the Infinity is at the pinnacle of the Avan range. Its list of standout features is sure to please couples looking for a comfortable touring van with room to move and high levels of comfort.

The Infinity is the smaller of two Avan slide-outs. It misses out on some kitchen space over its larger sibling but is more nimble by being lighter and .8m shorter in overall length.

The Exterior

Like most vans in the range, the Infinity’s exterior is finished in a gloss white surface over a flat composite panel, although a silver, grey and black wrap finish is an option. Discreet green graphics and black checkerplate protection to the lower sides break up the broad expanse of white and help give the van a leaner profile. Adding to the exterior aesthetic the neatly symmetric location of the dark windows, which on many brands can appear to be something of an afterthought.

The composite panels in the body of the van are made from layers of painted aluminium over ply, then a central high-density foam sheet and an internal layer of ply which are bonded together. They form an extremely strong and thermally efficient wall which is both impact and rot resistant.

Although the infinity is primarily a touring van, you can enhance the suspension for extended dirt road travel with the optional Adventure pack as seen on our test van. As well as larger diameter wheels, this upgrades to independent coil springs over the standard Al-Ko roller-rocker leaf springs. The option is then available to treat yourself to a more robust looking black graphics colour scheme at the same time.

The 150×50 hot-dip galvanised chassis is built in a dedicated factory on site and is designed for light weight while maintaining strength in critical stress areas. Cross braces are hole punched and all water pipes, and electrical cables are led high out of harm’s way.

At the front is a simple 3500kg ball coupling which is fine for the van’s intended purpose. A pair of 4.5kg gas bottles sits on the A-frame ahead of a full-width boot with storage spaces for the jack and awning wind-out tools.

It was good to see more storage in a tunnel boot that runs under the dinette inside and can be accessed from there as well as both outside hatches. Led lights light up the outdoor area, which can be covered with a Thule Ormister awning and there’s an entertainment hatch with TV and 12v and 240v outlets.

What’s Inside

Entry is forward, and there’s a fold out step up to Avan’s unique three-way moulded security door, which is amongst the best looking and most practical in the business.

At the flick of a switch, the slide out converts the interior to a large welcoming space with a modern appeal. The glossy finish to the joinery in the upmarket Inspire is courtesy of the Allure interior colour scheme. It’s a modern touch that suits the square finish on cupboards and drawers.

Lots of couples will find the 6m or 19’6” size of the 609 to be an ideal compromise of weight, budget and ease of towing. The slide out enhances the interior space without adding towing length that can complicate storage and maneuverability in tight spaces.

The full-width U-shaped club lounge wraps around the front and extends rearward on the driver side to make a generous entertaining and dining space for up to five adults, with another one on a folding chair if needed. The upholstery is well padded and comfortable and is neatly finished in a light grey stain-resistant cloth. The granite laminate table drops to make additional sleeping space for children or an occasional guest.

Large windows offer views to the sides and front at the dinette, with more openings at the bedroom so, along with two roof hatches, there is ample light and fresh air.

The kitchen is set in the central section, and because the eating area is entirely separate, there is plenty of room to move. On the driver side is a bench with a deep stainless steel sink and a Swift 500 including cooktop, grill and small oven. An extendable section adds preparation space to the bench, and the storage includes a big pot drawer and overhead cupboards.

Opposite is a floor to ceiling pull out pantry, and a gas/electric 175L fridge/freezer finished with a flash looking glossy black door. Overhead is a 240v microwave, and there is additional storage in a high cupboard with a snazzy rolling door.

Further back, things get really interesting. The slide moves the bed about 600mm out from the driver side of the van and out solves issues of movement around the east-west bed. The big island queen is impressive, but even more so is the 40” television that rises on an electric ram from the cupboard on the passenger-side wall. A Panasonic sound bar completes the package – talk about one-upmanship!

At the rear is a decent size ensuite with a stylish Avan modular shower with clear door, four shelves and Euro-style shower system on a contrasting grey feature. A floating circular basin has a designer chrome tap set, and the large mirror is brightly lit by hidden lighting for even more upmarket impact. Roof fans provide ventilation, and there’s a wall mounted Daewoo washing machine as standard.

The Drive

We tested the Infinity in the hills north of Warragul in East Gippsland, so we had a mixture of freeway and back country roads. It towed easily behind a 100 Series Landcruiser and showed no vices, following smoothly without undue sway or lurching even over rougher dirt roads.

The Wrap

As set up the Infinity has a limited amount of off-grid with a single battery charged from the vehicle when driving and two 95L water tanks. As long as you take it easy with lights and TV, the 12v power should last a few days, and there is enough gas for the fridge and cooking for more extended stays. Of course, you can add solar and more battery power if staying off grid is a priority.

Couples planning to venture off the blacktop onto some of our rougher dirt roads will enjoy travelling in this spacious and comfortable tourer. It’s ideal for hitting your favourite holiday destination for short breaks but will stand up to extended touring when you get time.

Avan has over 25 years of experience building all sorts of popular RVs with more than 25,000 examples on the road. The Infinity 609 is $79,190 as tested with options including the Adventure pack of an upgraded suspension, the washing machine and cosmetic upgrades. Price starts at $74,990, and that is good value for a van of this size with so many standard features.


  • Roomy, classy and good value.
  • Slide out adds loads of space.
  • Dirt road ability.

Don’t like:

  • A bit of a tight fit to pass the bed to the ensuite when the slide is closed.
  • Overhead kitchen light extends mysteriously into mid-air.

Find Out More

Manufacturer: Avan

Model: Infinity 609 Slideout

Overall length: 7.7m

Internal body length: 5.97m

Width: 2.47m

Travel height: 2.86m

Internal height: 1.97m

Tare weight: 2340kg

ATM: 2850kg

Ball weight: 170kg

Water: 2x 95L

Gas: 2×4.5kg

Carrying capacity: 510kg

Carrying capacity with full fluids: 311kg

Price from: $74,990

Options fitted: Independent suspension ($4200)

Price as tested: $79,190



9 Webster Way, Pakenham 3810

Ph 03 5945 4545


email: sales@avanrv.com.au

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