Dometic New Drinkware Range

This is the first time Dometic’s award-winning design team has created drinkware. As a leading outdoor brand, Dometic understands the need for robustness in products used on the move. As with the company’s other outdoor products, Dometic’s new drinkware series is designed to last. They cope with everyday usage, being washed over and over again, and fit in with a grab and go lifestyle. The tough design of Dometic drinkware and high-quality stainless steel construction makes them fit for years of use and reduces the need to purchase disposable bottles and cups, which contributes to a more sustainable world and reduces plastic waste in nature.

Dometic New Drinkware Range

The Dometic drinkware series consists of four models in Australia: the Thermo Tumbler which comes in in two sizes, and the Thermo Bottle which has two sizes. All come in three different colours.

Dometic’s insulated vacuum sealed bottles ensure cold or hot drinks maintain their temperature while on the move. The stainless steel used in the bottle have been carefully selected to ensure its longevity, easy cleaning and a high level of hygiene. Leak-proof, dishwasher safe and BPA Free. For refreshment while hiking or seeking warmth on a cold winter morning, Dometic drinkware fuels the body with the liquid comfort it needs at the perfect temperature.

The Dometic drinkware is already available in the Australian market since March 2021.

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