Greens Lake Free Camp Near Stanhope, Victoria

About half way between Shepparton and Bendigo and 50 kms south of Echuca there is a pleasant stopover with plenty of room to spread out

For travellers on Victoria’s Midland Highway, this well sign-posted location is one you will want in the little book of good campsites. It is useful as an overnighter when making your way through central Victoria transiting to somewhere else, but if you like to stay longer in these sorts of places, this is apparently an unlimited free stay site. Within reason I’d think . . . . . the local council would probably get toey after a month or so. This is a very large camping area with a mown grassy expanse for a couple of kilometres around the lake edge. You can park up a few metres from the water (no matter what size rig you have) so lapping waves can lull you to sleep each night. I was there 3 nights with around 25 rigs on site and I still had space for about 300 metres clear either side of me, so this really is a large expanse to settle into. I was coming and going as I was working nearby and it was nice to choose 3 different spots over the 3 nights to get the feel of the place.

Greens Lake is part of the Corop Wetlands Area, which is around 1500 hectares of flood plain from the Goulburn River which periodically gets a bit of inundation which helps maintain a vibrant bird population. Around half the lake is restricted for bird activities but the northern half is fine for boating and the areas adjacent to the camping area are just fine for swimming. Locals told me this little puddle did not dry up even during the drought and apparently there’s a few redfin to be had if you feel like throwing a line in. I was particularly taken with the opportunities for nature study around the lake’s edge at night. There is very little cover so when the various frog species came out to eat insects they were easy to watch. Pobblebonks and Marsh Frogs were the main ones I was finding and they put on a show that would not have been out of place on a wildlife documentary.

Who needs TV when you’re on the road? The advantages of this location include excellent phone and internet access (OK, not an advantage in everyone’s book) and ease of manoeuvrability with the wide open spaces on a firm surface. There is a boat ramp, BBQs provided and a central toilet block with flushing toilets so if long-drops are not your thing then you can enjoy 21st century plumbing. Dogs are permitted but motorbikes and 4 wheel bikes are not. Being 2-3 kms off the main highway this is a peaceful location. Although you should take your rubbish with you, there are some bins in place which are picked up by the local council service providers. If you are passing through Central Vic, this is one to have a look at to break up the journey.

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