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When customers of Amazing RV and Caravans drive away with their new Jurgens van they also receive a bonus gift of a book outlining the history of this proud global company.

Jurgens set up in Australia in 2008 and since that time have made a huge impact on the local industry with their proven designs and weight saving but robust engineering. The company’s local commitment includes building a multi million-dollar factory in Pakenham, which is already bursting at the seams with plans to expand into the vacant block next door.

While Jurgens has established itself as a local manufacturer over the last seven years their history goes back to the 1940s in Holland when Geert Jurgens started building horse driven vans to service local bakers.

In 1950 he saw an opportunity to emigrate to South Africa and so took his family and skills to Cape Town where he spent a year settling into his new lifestyle before starting once again to build vans for adventurous locals keen to explore the vast continent.

In time the brand became so popular it grew to be synonymous with caravans in much the same way as we call and ice box an Esky. With over 100,000 vans, offroad campers and motorhomes to their credit it’s not hard to see that the experience of making vans for Africa’s rugged terrain has made it easier for Jurgens to transfer those qualities to their Australian designed and built models.

Andrew Page from Amazing Caravans told me he is so convinced of the Jurgens quality and suitability to Australian conditions that he committed his dealership to the single Jurgens brand and since then they have had many very happy customers and minimal issues with warranty.

The Amazing RV and Caravan yard and showroom at Seaford in Melbourne’s south east houses an impressive display of Jurgens vans and we were lucky enough to be able to access one of the latest models – a Jindabyne PT2250 pop top with ensuite. Jurgens have had pop tops in their local range for a while but this is the first to include a shower and toilet.

I have long been a fan of pop tops because their more compact design gives advantages over conventional models. They have a lower centre of gravity, they are lighter, with less wind resistance and are more easily stored. And while these are practical reasons one of the things that attracts me most is entirely emotional. I just like the well-balanced look, tucked in behind a tow vehicle.

With an overall length of 6.34m and an internal of only 4.92m (16’2”) the PT2250 is a compact van, so getting a shower and toilet on board and still leaving room to move isn’t that easy, but Jurgens have succeeded admirably.

It wasn’t that long ago that a shower and toilet were a real oddity in caravans, but these days it’s almost a necessity. The added convenience – excuse the pun – makes life on the road much more pleasant. Being able to slip into the bathroom in the middle of the night or the early light of dawn is much better than having to find the toilet block in a crowded van park.

Our new pop top has the now familiar style of its siblings in the Jurgens family. The signature look has a light grey exterior over darker grey lower panels with flat sidewalls and moulded fibreglass ends and roof.

Jurgen’s unique construction gives emphasis to a light build with maximum strength engineered into their own galvanised box and C-section Optima Chassis. Walls are single section composite Duratherm panels with superior insulation and structural integrity. So while weight has been kept low to optimise economy and towing, the vans have been engineered to withstand a lifetime of use.

At the front there’s an Al-Ko 2500kg rated 50mm ball hitch and a full width boot housing a pair of 4.5kg gas bottles and the spare, but still leaving space for things like hoses and mats.

The single axle runs Al-Ko rubber torsion suspension reinforced by Jurgens with extra gussets and uses stylish 14” alloy wheels and 10” electric brakes.

Erecting the roof is simple with the easy lift levers at each end, as long as you leave the door open to allow air into the extra space, otherwise it’s near impossible.

Jurgens keep costs down and interior colour selection simple by standardising on the timber panelling and furniture and then giving customers room to personalise their van with a range of soft furnishings and cushion colours. I don’t find that a restriction, as I like the modern look of the light timber walls and dark cupboards. The CNC cut cupboards mean all sections are perfectly matched and the result is a neat modern finish. Orange material of the lounge and throw cushions brightened up the interior, but, like I said, the choice is yours.

Layout has been kept simple to maximise space with an open plan living and sleeping area separated from the ensuite at the rear by walls and a privacy curtain.

At the front the caravan queen sits on orthopaedic slats and lifts with the aid of gas struts to access storage. Hanging lockers sit either side of the bed, with more cupboards and a central clock and the radio overhead. There’s a single overhead bed lamp but I would have liked individual side lamps to avoid annoying a partner who wanted to sleep.

The kitchen runs along the passenger side starting with a pantry below the bench at the entranceway and running back to a Thetford Mini Grill with a folding glass top, a stainless steel sink with draining board set into a granite look benchtop over a 90L Dometic three way fridge.

A Daewoo microwave completes the cooking appliances but there are 240v plugs for your own jugs and toasters.

One drawback of the pop top, and probably the single thing most folk have against them, is the lack of overhead cupboards found around the walls of a conventional van and the Jurgens doesn’t really have a solution for this, but that’s a compromise you need to accept.

On the up side, the vinyl of the open zippered windows of the roof extension allows an unfettered flow of air and light through the van. Along with the double glazed Dometic windows with built in shutters and insect screens, you can control as much privacy or view as you like. In particularly hot or cold conditions a 240v air conditioner comes as part of the package on our deluxe version, or as an option on the standard model. Also in the deluxe pack are an awning and a travel blanket for the front window.

There’s room for three at the L-shaped lounge opposite the kitchen and the swivelling table makes it easy to get seated while the thick two section padding make them extremely comfortable. Storage space under the lounge is shared by the 12v battery, which can be charged by the tow vehicle or 240v power.

Those who demand the inclusion of an ensuite will be delighted at the efficient design that has gone into the simple bathroom layout. However, the privacy curtain at the walkway won’t appeal to everyone. On the passenger side is a plastic Thetford cassette toilet with the shower opposite. There’s a neat vanity with mirror and 60L of water capacity and a gas/electric heater.

This deluxe version comes in at $42,990 showing that Jurgens have managed to offer a van with superior structural integrity and still stay with a competitive price. The value of having a light weight van with a low profile offering an easily towed van and more efficient fuel economy can’t be overstated for those contemplating travelling long distances.

The PT2250 can be towed by many medium sized cars and would be ideal for couples keen on a touring lifestyle with occasional free camping thrown in


Manufacturer: Jurgens

Model: Jindabyne PT2250

Country of manufacture: Australia

Overall length: 6.34m

Width: 2.35m

Travel height: 2.26m

Tare weight: 1410kg

Gross weight: 1710kg

Ball weight: 140kg

Price as tested: $42,990

Price as reviewed: $42,990

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