Major’s Creek Reserve at Mitchellstown

A stopover along the Goulburn River, just like Major Mitchell did in 1836.

Here is a great spot for travellers heading along the Hume or along the Goulburn Highways in the central area of Victoria, and with a bit of history thrown in as well. This was the site where Thomas Mitchell crossed the Goulburn on his way back to Sydney after his 1836 winter tour of Australia Felix, more commonly called Victoria nowadays. It is just 20-25 kilometres north of the Hume along the Goulburn Highway then duck left a few kilometres towards the Goulburn River at Mitchellstown. The site is only 6 or 7 kilometres from Nagambie and all your required supplies can be sourced from there. The town has a large IGA and a few servos. Or if you enjoy wineries and feel like spoiling yourself, eating at the Mitchelton Winery just a few kilometres away is always an option.

Location is important with any camp area but access in is even more so for those with larger rigs and 2WD vehicles. This one ticks all the boxes with good quality bitumen practically all the way, then there’s just a couple of kilometres of good quality gravel road to finish off. A couple of areas can get a little rutted in the wet but you can avoid these if your vehicle is not high clearance and you will find an expansive area with few obstructions so no worries manoeuvring your van. There would be room for 50 to 100 campsites at several points along this side branch of the Goulburn and many of the sites are right at the water’s edge so you can sit back with a drink and watch the yabbies and listen to the froggies. There are plenty of areas that provide shade but if you are wary of the effect gravity can have on eucalypt branches, then there are open areas available as well.

The site is adjacent to a large and sprawling billabong off the Goulburn River which tells the fisher-folks that this is a worthy spot to wet a line and a kayak might give you some enjoyment too. On the other side of the access road is an apparent wilderness area that happens to be the Puckapunyal Military Training Area with a few signs suggesting that you should not stray into the fenced off area. It is rare to hear much ruckus from that zone but tanks and infantry do a little training in there so you never know. Look out for a rocky creation on the road side celebrating Mitchell’s passing by this area back in 1836. There have been a few changes in the last 180 years but I’d bet he would still recognise it.

So this would be a good stopover for a day or so when transiting central Victoria, and since both the Hume and the Goulburn Highways are popular migration routes and very nearby, this is a handy hideaway to know about.


Getting there: Around 5 kilometres south of Nagambie off the Goulburn Highway, and about 5 kilometres along Mitchellstown Road then just over the bridge crossing the Goulburn River. 2WD access.

Facilities: A couple of long-drop bush toilets.

Pets: Pets allowed under control.

Rates: Free

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