New Wines For The Outdoors

OFF TRACK WINES ® is a new wine brand and the first in Australia to be created specifically with true outdoor adventurers in mind. The new range launched in Adelaide on 21 October at the Australian 4WD & Adventure Show with attendees getting the first taste of the new wines. When asked why OFF TRACK WINES® was created, company founder and co-owner Anna Fisher says: “As wine lovers, there’s a few problems we’ve always had when camping. One is that wine is hard to carry when you are going camping or travelling by 4WD. Packing space is at a premium.

Off Track Wines

Glass can be a challenge to pack and protect, and bottles just don’t fit easily in a car or camper fridge. Hiking or kayaking with wine is even harder! Wine in a can came up as a great solution. Leaning on experience over 15 years in the wine business, we’ve created a wine specifically for outdoor adventurers who want to enjoy handcrafted, high-quality wine on their epic trips, without the packing hassles.

OFF TRACK WINES® wines are available in cartons of 12 x 250ml can for A$98.50 per carton, direct from the winery via the website, delivering to Australian addresses.

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