North Coast Campers Titanium Full Van

Titanium Full Van? So what’s the big deal?

North Coast Campers has been producing crossover-style campers for ages. It was their area of expertise, their raison d’étre, so to speak. Yet with this latest Titanium model they have abandoned the pop top concept and gone for a full van design. Is this a sign of things to come? Have they gone over to the dark side, abandoned off road campers and joined the growing crowd of caravan manufacturers?

Quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter. What is important is the product at the end of the line, and this new full van Titanium ticks a lot of boxes.

Crossover campers (or caravans) like the Titanium retained the essential advantages of camper trailers, in that they are all designed for off-road use, with beefed up suspension and good ground clearance. With this full van model, however, the advantage of a camper’s lower height profile has been exchanged for a whole lot more internal comforts.

The Titanium is built on a hi-tensile, hot dipped galvanised chassis, with North Coast Campers’ own-design suspension system, featuring trailing arms with coil springs and twin shock absorbers. Water storage comprises 300 litres underneath in heavy duty poly tanks. The underside is well protected and pretty much snag free.

On the A frame is a McHitch model hitch, forward of a mesh stoneshield. The shield protects the forward body of the van, with a pair of gas bottles forward of a large storage box that would suit a genny as well as a heap of other gear. The box is lockable, and has a rail on top that would serve as a storage point for firewood to be tied down.

At the rear is a bar mounting two spare wheels above a cutaway rear end. The Titanium panelling is composite fibreglass and aluminium, with protective chequerplate along the lower sides, front and rear, and a smooth fibreglass finish above. Up top is a pair of 200 watt solar panels, while inside are 2×120 amp hour marine deep cycle batteries, with charger and inverter.

Being a crossover-style rig, the titanium has many external features. A through boot up forward has loads of space, accessible from both sides. Immediately behind the boot is a slide out external kitchen, complete with storage drawers, a sink and a two burner gas cooktop. A flexible light can shine directly onto the cooktop.

There is an external power outlet adjacent to the external kitchen, along with a narrow table that slots into a mounting above the axle to add to the food preparation space.

The entire kerbside flank is protected by a full length Thule awning. On the driver’s side flank is an external shower and water fillers, with yet another huge storage locker fitted behind the through boot, forward of the axle.

The entry is towards the rear, with a huge fridge and storage section across the back, shower/toilet opposite the entry, dinette midships opposite a sink/bench console, and the bedroom up forward.

As you enter the Titanium you’ll be struck by the array of storage cabinets almost surrounding the 130 litre two door fridge at the rear. These lockers, like the rest in this rig, are finished in a high gloss making for an easy clean.

The shower/toilet console is opposite the entry and is quite roomy, with even a towel rail inside the console.

Forward of the entry is the dinette, a comfy two seater either side of a swivelling table. Stereo speakers are fitted under the dinette, with a downlight above, under a long nest of storage lockers that run the length of the van. A wide window lets the scenery in while you dine.

Forward of the corner shower is the internal kitchen, featuring a long workbench in which is fitted a two burner SMEV cooktop at the rear, with a stainless steel sink up forward. There is a huge nest of drawers and lockers beneath the benchtop, along with hot water controls and electrical monitors.

The kitchen is backed by a long window, with a full set of lockers above, running forward to the bedroom.

The bedroom features a queen sized bed mounted north south, with good access on both sides. There are storage drawers under the foot of the bed and personal reading lights are fitted over the bedhead. The overhead storage consoles extend forward into the bedroom, with shelves at the front to allow for the roof taper. A pair of wide windows allows plenty of light and air into the bedroom area.

The ceiling of the Titanium carries overhead lighting, a four seasons hatch above the bed, and an air conditioning unit above the main cabin.

The North Coast Campers Off Road Titanium full van demonstrates how even a full height crossover-style camper can become even more comfortable while retaining its off road capability. It had loads of internal and external features and good off road independent camping capability, ideal for an adventurous off road touring couple.


Manufacturer: North Coast Campers and Caravans

Model: Off Road Titanium

Length overall: (6.1m)

Width: 1.95m

Height: 2.650m

Weight (incl batteries and water): up to 1800kg

Price: From $87000

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