Retro Rig

Continental Style

Geoff and Judy Wotherspoon have an interest in old caravans that stems from their passion for classic cars, in particular, big American Fords. For many years they owned a 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria sedan and their current tow car is a 1962 Lincoln Continental convertible.

Their Lincoln Continental has an interesting history because it was previously owned by country and Western singer, Lionel Long, who was famous in the 1960s for singing traditional Australian folk ballads like “Wild Colonial Boy” and “Bound for South Australia”. The Lincoln Continental came with a tow ball as Lionel had towed a caravan to country gigs.

Such a unique vehicle deserved to be matched with a particularly striking retro caravan and Geoff and Judy searched on the internet for some time before coming across a rare Aerolite caravan. They found the 16ft van from 1954 on eBay. It had been stored in a shed for 39 years and was in reasonably good condition.

1950s wooden vans as long as this are not so common, and Judy particularly liked the bay windows at the front, which let a lot of light into the van. The interior is spacious with club lounge style seating at the front, a kitchen with an island cupboard in the middle, and a rear bed.

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