Women Travel Solo

On any given day, there are thousands of people road-tripping around Australia. The numbers increased over the 2020 – 2021 period, with caravan and motorhome sales going through the roof. Many of these thousands of people travelling around our great country are women travelling solo.

Recently, I got to meet and talk to some of them. Visiting the grandkids Queenslander Lynda Greening is 66, and she has just driven her Windsor Daintree motor home from Brisbane to Perth to visit family. She travels alone because she loves travelling and camping and her partner of 30 years prefers not to. Lynda is a marketing consultant who works while on the road. She works 20 hours a week, pulling into caravan parks and connecting to the internet to service her clients. When in Perth, she stays in caravan parks close to her family and takes short trips away.

Lynda is part of the Facebook group Women Caravanning, Camping And Travelling Solo Australia. She found the page helpful in getting travel tips and support while preparing for her trip. The page has 22K members and caters to women who “must be travelling solo”. According to the group admin Carlea Visco, the page is “a safe place for women to have a laugh, inspire and encourage each other when travelling solo.” Lynda used another group (not a women’s group) the Windsor Daintree Facebook group, which helped her with advice and information specific to her motor home.

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