Nyah Sports Ground Free Campsite

There are free campsites then there are free campsites. Some have smelly long drops toilets but are beside great fishing spots or very scenic places. Some have no shade and are bare and dusty while others have tall grass with rubbish tangled all through it. Some have great amenities but no other reason to camp there so it’s great to find a free campsite that seems to have almost everything for those seeking a free night or two with all the necessities.

The free campsite at Nyah 25km further downstream along the Murray from Swan Hill is such an area.

Nyah (not Nyah West) has a wonderful sports ground area that includes their first class harness racing track. The campsites roughly surround this track. There are numerous campsites scattered throughout the park with some areas large enough to accommodate a fleet of big rigs.

When you enter the main gates of the park the largest area is off to your left. This is a nice level area surrounded by lots of shady trees with a large open area in the middle for those relying on solar panels for their power supply. This spot is favoured by bigger rigs for its ease of entry and exit. It is also favoured by those who need the toilet block to be reasonably close.

Continuing past the first camping area you will come across another large open area also offering shade or clear sky. This spot is still OK for larger rigs it’s just a bit further to the amenities.

By following one of the tracks toward the river, and it’s best to walk this track before taking your van in as it can get a bit tight, you’ll find more sites right on the river bank. While it’s great to camp right on the river bank and be able to throw a line in from you camp this area is more for smaller rigs.

The next section is best accessed by the second gate into the sports park just along the street a little from the main gate. This leads you into another large area but one that narrows a little as you continue along the track. The sites here are probably the best for those using solar power during the winter months as they take the sun all day long ensuring plenty of power in your batteries. But these sites are also close to the river while being large enough for most rigs to manoeuvre in. This spot is also closest to the boat ramp.

One of the great attractions of this campsite is the birds. Like living gems parrots flash back and forth through the trees all day while galahs will come into camp in the evenings to squabble about their day and ducks roam the grassy areas quietly feeding as they go. Morning bird calls are a delight and it is easy to lay in bed a little longer as you listen to their morning serenade.

Nyah is a very good base for those wishing to visit Swan Hill which is only 25km away to the south, or Tooleybuc 25km to the north. The old style little country town of Nyah West, only a few km away is also worth a look.

Swan Hill is a large town with all services including a very good hospital and many attractions such as the Swan Hill Historic Village on the banks of the Murray. Tooleybuc is a very small town with a very large sports club that attracts a great many people for the cheap meals and many poker machines.

Nyah campsite has a black water dump site, several flush toilets and drinking water, plenty of shady sites and green grass. It is only a short walk up to a shop that sells almost everything and a little further to other shops and businesses.

The campsite is free but as it is maintained by the local Lions Club I would ask all who use this wonderful campsite to please place a donation in the donation box on the rear wall of the toilet block next to the dump site.


Nyah can be found 25km north of Swan Hill. Coming in from the south the turn off to the campsite is just past the last shop at the bottom of a small slope. The turn off is signposted both for the harness track and the campsite also with a Dump Site sign.

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