Harrow Caravan Park

Can be found 391kms west of Melbourne or 89kms from Horsham.

Harrow is only a small town and has only a small caravan park. But this little park has a lot going for it. At $12 a night for one of its four powered sites it is extremely cheap. Add to that a free washing machine and it looks even better.

The eight dollar a night unpowered sites are almost unlimited as you have the entire sporting ground to park on if need be. But it is unlikely you will need to park out on the oval as there is a very large, mostly level area just below the amenities and in front of the free electric BBQ. And if all powered sites are taken and you need power you can park in the unpowered sites just in front of the open fronted shelters and plug into the power outlets there.

We were part of a group of eight caravans to stay at Harrow for a weekend to attend the amazing Sound and Light Show on the Saturday night along with several other caravanners and tenters and we never felt crowded for a moment.

Alongside the caravan park is the town swimming pool, a large pool in the Glenelg River. There are shelter sails, picnic benches and tables and rope swings for the more adventuress young folk. And while there are no swimmers the fishing can be good as well. Although I‘d recommend the large pool a couple of hundred metres back toward town for a quieter fishing spot.

But what can you see in a tiny town of only around ninety people? Seeing as you are only a short walk from the hotel a night out without having to drive home is a big attraction. Then there is the Johnny Mullagh Museum and Visitors Information Centre that chronicles the life and career of Johnny Mullah, a locally born Aboriginal Cricketer who toured with the first all Aboriginal cricket team to tour England. And if that isn’t enough the Centre also boasts the largest private collection of Sir Donald Bradman memorabilia in existence.

But apart from the craft shops and wonderful old buildings there is also the amazing Motor Museum. While only small this museum is a true magnet to the discerning car enthusiast. From the moment you enter you can smell the unique scent of oil and grease that is Chanel No. 5 to those who appreciate the magic of old cars. For the amazing low cost of a $3.00 entry fee you can wander for hours amongst many magical old motor vehicles that transported the local folk way back when this town was a bustling hub of local commerce. As with most old cars there are drip trays beneath the old side valve motors with up-drought carbies and oil dripping gear boxes to protect the already oil stained floor. All this simply adds to the atmosphere that everyone from the little children right through to balding geriatrics like me can truly appreciate.

Another big attraction is the two cell log goal. This original log jail, one of only a couple left in Australia is still in wonderful condition but I’d not like to spend a night in it. The logs boast wide gaps where the artisans who built this incredible place of incarceration simply didn’t bother to close the gaps by planning a tight finish to the walls. I guess they reckoned if you needed locking up then a cold night or two only added to the deserved punishment. And you cannot appreciate just how solid this building is until you enter and close the heavy doors behind you. A rough cot and a single blanket with a bucket in the corner was all the furniture provided and you simply had to “make do” until your time was up.

A walk up the main street will also reveal to you things like the Harrow Bone Yard complete with amusing headstones and the local Morgue just down the street from the blood stained local Doctor’s Room where more people died than recovered.

And once a month the incredible Sound and Light Show can be seen if you are quick enough to book a seat. This show is a dinner and show where you are entertained with a band playing old time songs and music as you dine. Toward the end of dinner madness and mayhem erupts as the dining room is invaded by bushrangers waving huge pistols and troopers trying to catch them. Even a horse, led by a trooper clip clops up through the tables. But all that is only the beginning of the show.

If you can make a weekend of it for the Sound and Light Show you can stay at the hotel or bring your own van or tent and camp at the caravan park. You won’t be disappointed.

If just pulling in overnight don’t rush off in the morning but save a few hours to look around this wonderful little town on the banks of the Glenelg River.


Harrow Promotion and Development Group

PO Box 105 Harrow, Victoria 3317

Phone: 03 5588 1387

Fax: 03 5588 1374

Website: http://harrow.org.au

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