A White Wonderland-Winter Camping

No we  are not talking about simply heading NORTH to warmer regions when the winter months roll around, yes it’s great to escape to a warm destination but everybody and his dog goes north so maybe it’s time to consider looking at exploring the many regions that offer great winter attractions, like crisp cool days, no crowds to make your RV travels congested and yes, maybe the real chance of snow on the ground which let’s be honest, is a rather unique travel experience in this wide brown land. These days with the technology available to RV travellers the ability to go camping and take on the Australian winters in some comfort are a real option and all  without freezing your butt off…….

As winter rolls around each year so many RV travellers start packing the good old van and commence the journey to all points NORTH destination, not that important as long as it’s warm! Winter times in southern Australia in particular Victoria and Tasmania can be cold and camping in such conditions has traditionally held very limited appeal for most folk and with good reason. However, with the use of modern heating options for your caravan and the right clothes for when stepping outside the ability to enjoy and discover a winter world that most people would miss is an experience that invigorates.

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