Albany to Esperance

The Stirling Ranges

The obvious question is ‘Why head inland?”  Well, if you’re coming from the east, you’re probably ‘coasted out’ by now, and if you’re heading west, you’ve seen plenty on the run down from Perth to Albany (oh, just for the record, it's Al-bany, NOT All-bany, as more than one local tersely pointed out during our stay).

We left Albany wondering if there really was truth in advertising as we headed towards Mt Trio Campground & Caravan Park in the Stirling Ranges.  The Easter weekend was upon us and with the No Vacancy signs up everywhere we spied an advertisement that included the phrase ‘We guarantee you an unpowered site’.

Now, one thing we've learnt about public holidays over the last couple of years is go hard, go early.  We arrived just before lunch on Easter Thursday and it WAS true. Forty hectares and a fence line nearly a kilometre long. It was a help yourself campground and we grabbed what we thought was the pick of the un-powered sites......and waited. That night, the wise and worldly few gathered quietly around the wood fire stove, congratulating each other with oblique asides, their only concern being how close their nearest neighbour might end up being.

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