Cub Campers 50th Anniversary

In these fast, changing times any business or relationship that can last fifty years is no mean feat, to thrive and be at the top of your particular field after fifty years is even more impressive. Well the Team at Cub Campers has done exactly that and it’s a milestone worth reflecting on.

Roger Fagan born in Waratah outside Newcastle NSW in 1942 was the man most responsible for creating the brand Cub Campers that we know so well today. After trying Engineering at Sydney University he pulled out due to poor maths skills however he did very well on mechanical reasoning which would later hold him in very good stead.

Following university he worked at Lincoln Electric for four years before joining a very small retail business selling box trailers which was purchased by his father and yes the name of that business was CUB.

Roger having learnt to weld at Lincoln began work making small box trailers at the rear of the property. From box trailers they quickly expanded the range to farm work trailers and horse floats and then in the late 1960’s their first camper trailer. This first ever camper was a box trailer with a canvas canopy together with a window and mattress. Very basic but the first Cub camper was born.

In the early 70’s they invented the first soft floor camper which they called the trailer camper, this camper trailer was a platform containing a double mattress which bolted to a box trailer. Since then of course this design has been copied many times by many different companies both in Australia and overseas, this copying is often considered by many to be the greatest form of flattery….

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