Falling for Mountain Life at Falls Creek

Craig Sheather discovers that the outdoors and year-round adventures go hand-in-hand at Falls Creek.

Ask any bushwalker, snow-skier or mountain lover and they will all tell you the same thing – “Falls Creek is the prettiest alpine village in Australia”. Situated on the Bogong High Plains, the village is enclosed by National and State Park and offers stunning views of the surrounding rolling mountains. It’s European-influenced alpine architecture is nestled amongst the twisted snowgums and there’s a great range of year-round cafes, restaurants and accommodation options.

One of the prominent features that really makes Falls Creek so unique and special is the picturesque Rocky Valley Lake. This man-made dam was created for the Kiewa Hydro-electric Scheme and has a capacity of 28,000 megalitres. At 1600m the lake is the highest significant body of water in Australia. Not only does it present a majestic setting amongst the classic mountain scenery it also provides a playground for a range of aquatic activities including trout fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking and sailing.

In addition to Rocky Valley Lake, there are also attractive lakes at nearby Pretty Valley and Bogong Village, plus the village aqueducts, nearby rivers and waterfalls to explore. Falls Creek Falls is a short walk from the village entrance and Fainter Falls is a little further down the mountain at Bogong Village.

A great way to learn about the local history is to visit a few of the alpine huts. Pastoralists moved into this area in the 1830s, setting up cattle runs in the foothills of the alps. Every year, as the hot dry summers commenced, the cattlemen mustered their stock and drove them over the dangerously steep terrain to graze the lush pastures of the high country.

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