The Great Ocean Road is with very good reasons a popular RV touring destination with a multitude of top class sights to take in. However, if you have done the Apostles and the many unique coastal ports and villages then here’s a great tip, check out all things cheese at the first class Cheese World Museum and its many attractions. Established in the mid 1990s as part of the Cheese World Complex the Museum is both recognition and a tribute to the Western District’s hard working dairy farming families and their importance to the region.

Cheese World is located on the Great Ocean Road about 10 minutes’ drive east of Warrnambool and only about 45 minutes’ drive from the famous 12 Apostles. The complex is made up of the Cheese World Museum, a Cheese World Café, a Cheese World Gift Shop and lastly the Cheese World Cellar, making the complex well worth a visit, the milkshakes alone make the drive worthwhile….

The location of today’s Cheese World Complex was the also the site of the original Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory that started life way back in 1888, with all the contributing farmers also shareholders. The new endeavour had a turnover of just over 12,000 pounds in its first year of operation but from this modest start it managed to grow and thrive. A fire in 1913 destroyed the factory and it was rebuilt, however fire again struck in 1929 and the factory was rebuilt for a third time, today the complex is that third rebuild.

The Cheese World Museum houses a great collection of both tools and implements used in the manufacture of cheese and butter along with an extensive collection of both farm and household items from life in the early 1900s. A Bruce and McClure windmill at over 110 years of age and a Ruston Hornsby Stationary engine from 1940 are just two of the many interesting items on display. The Museum also offers expert guided tours on both Monday and Wednesday or by appointment, these local volunteer guides have an extensive knowledge of the factory and its workings along with the surrounding region.

Aside from the Museum don’t miss the Café and Cheese Cellar, the Café is open for lunch seven days a week between 12-2 pm with light snacks on offer throughout the rest of the day. Famous both near and far for its milkshakes, they are not to be missed, with 16 flavours to choose from you won’t be disappointed. The Cheese Cellar has daily complimentary cheese tastings of their award-winning cheddar varieties along with many other tasty produce, just perfect to create that special Happy Hour cheese platter.

With a gift shop to tempt, your visit to the Cheese World Complex is the complete experience and one well worth considering if travelling to Western Victoria.

For more info please visit www.cheeseworld.com.au

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