National Holden Motor Museum

In the world of automotive engineering, the Holden motor car is unique. It’s an Aussie icon, as true blue as the kangaroo, vegemite and football. It holds a special place in the hearts of all Australians, many of whom have owned at least one and been devoted to the marque for decades.

After the first General Motors 48-215(FX) rolled off the production line in 1948, the Australian-made Holden went on to become a colossus in the domestic market and a champion on race tracks around the country. It’s V8 HSV’s were even embraced in the United States, the home of muscle cars, some returning to our shores with a Chevy badge.

GM’s announcement, in February 2020, that it was closing Holden down sent shockwaves through the industry. The decision to end the iconic car’s proud 72-year history was met with anger from the government, outrage in Holden owners and dismay by car lovers everywhere. Even its great rival, Ford Australia, expressed sadness at the passing of an automotive era.

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