Pilliga Bore Baths and Campground

“The artesian bore baths and primitive campground at Pilliga seem to be in the middle of nowhere but provide warm, health-giving waters in beautiful natural surrounds, enjoyed by locals and travellers alike.”

Pilliga Bore Baths and Campground

“G’day Harry, great to see you, how long are you staying this year?” These were my first words to Harry who had just pulled up beside me with caravan in tow at the Pilliga Bore Primitive Campground. “Only a couple of weeks this time, I have to get back, I’ve a couple of things to attend to”, was his reply as he prepared to set up his caravan for his relative short stay. Harry is a regular and a bit of a legend at the Campground.

Pilliga Bore Baths

Many travellers visit the Pilliga Bore Baths and Campground each year for days or weeks at a time, but many just stay overnight and quite a few like myself and my wife stay a couple of days each winter to enjoy the wonderful warm water provided by the baths and revel in the superb natural environment. I find Winter suits me as the days are usually warm and the nights are cold which makes a swim in the artesian bore in the cool evenings very special.

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