Project 'Nugget' On The Road

Introducing project ‘Nugget‘ – our long term concept camper.

We have for some time wanted to run a long term concept testing RV rig to be able to inform you about new innovations and design changes that give you a far greater choice and scope for your own travel needs. Thus I am very pleased to be able to announce that OTR together with the good folks at Goldstream RV have launched project ‘Nugget’, a rather unique off road camper as our first RV concept unit, other types of RV units are planned to follow.

Firstly to the name – why Nugget, well clearly there is the link between a gold nugget and Goldstream, but what I liked from day one regarding this our first RV project was how tough, strong and compact the unit looked, so like the good old Australian nickname Nugget seemed to fit just right. As with all new projects they have a tendency to evolve over time and I am sure that will apply to this one also but our base plans are as follows. To review the unit as the rather unique camper it is in its own right, one that has full off road ability. To evaluate the unit and a range of new upgrades and options in real world field conditions over a number of trips, both true off road conditions and general touring. To live in, sleep, cook and generally give the whole unit the full exposure to the world of RV living. To further evaluate the many component parts that make Nugget what it is and again how they performed in true field travel conditions. Nugget will be used for story and filming trips over the next six months and will clock up plenty of miles.

This real world testing is both of great benefit to us at OTR and our readers but also to Sean and the team at Goldstream RV as they look to always improve and enhance their RV range of vehicles. Many of Goldstream RV suppliers are also very keen about the project and have contributed to making Nugget the best possible field test for all parties involved.

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