Not Quite Ned’ed Out?

You’ve seen all the major Ned Kelly stuff but you still want more?

So you have seen all the big Ned Kelly sites in Glenrowan, Benalla and Beechworth but you’re still not quite “Ned’ed Out”? Maybe it would be worth your while checking out some of the bush camping sites in the vicinity that have links to the Kelly story.

The legend has lived on, well beyond the expectations of many, and there are some great distractions along the tourist trails that focus on the whole Kelly saga. But life for the Kelly Gang was not all about robbery and confrontation.

They also engaged in a bit of gold mining and pastoral pursuits and sometimes they just hunkered down in bush areas to stay clear of police troopers.

When you think about it, these guys would not have spent a lot of time at all in places like Glenrowan and Beechworth because this is where the cops were, so some of their bush hang-outs tell more of the real tale. Many of those areas are similar to this day and worthy of a visit for an added “connection” to the times and events of their brief outlawing careers.

Spots that come to mind include areas around Mansfield, Yackandandah, Beechworth, Glenrowan, Benalla and the Strathbogies. Since the lads nipped up to Jerilderie you could also include some areas along the Murray but I don’t think anyone has a clue where they crossed, and so make it up. Here’s a few with a bit of a Ned pedigree to get you going.

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