Out and About Roustabouts

The Roustabouts RV Club Inc. was established in 2016 when a group of people who had been caravanning together for number of years saw the opportunity to share the enjoyment and the spirit of caravanning with others. At a public meeting, the not-for-profit Club was established and voted the more adventurous of them onto a Management committee, not realising the impact their Club was to have on the caravanning community.

From that small beginning, the Club membership has grown to nearly 100 rigs, comprising 5th wheelers, slide-on campers, camper vans, camper trailers, motor homes and all types of caravans. According to the Caravan Clubs of Qld (CCQ) the Club is currently the second largest in Queensland and possibly the most active in Australia.

The Club is managed on a voluntary basis within a home-office environment and is manned for up to forty hours a week. Office tasks include event registrations, negotiations with suppliers and tourist organisations, the planning and development of future trips, updating of the Club website, and day to day administration.

Comprehensive Club Website

Having the Club membership covering vast distances, regular communication proved to be an issue for the Club. So the Roustabouts website was created and provides information and updates to members on a regular (sometimes daily) basis. The Club achieved the website thanks to the support of Club partner, Freom Pty Ltd who provide 24/7 assistance, security, hosting and Club email services.


Membership comprises a diverse range of age-groups, vocations and interests, and includes young families, retired and semi-retired. The Club does not impose a probation period or age limitation on membership. Membership is mainly within South East Queensland and the Tweed; however, the Club has members located as far north as Townsville and as far south as Batemans Bay in NSW.

Members are the lifeblood of the Club and are encouraged to become active in all Club events. In January each year members’ opinions and suggestions are brought together through a survey issued to members about perceived Club strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Following the survey, members attend a general meeting in February to discuss the survey results and determine the future direction of the Club. From there, the Management Committee takes responsibility to implement the various recommendations. The Club holds three general meetings per year where the Club direction and performance is discussed. The Annual General Meeting and Election of Officers is held in November.

Low Cost Membership

Club membership fees are modest with a $5 joining fee and $10 annual membership, per person. This fee covers public liability and association directors insurance; issue of name badges, lanyards and Club logo sticker for rigs.

In addition, a ‘Rig Fee’ of $5 is imposed each time a rig attends a weekend event and on the longer trips the ‘Rig Fee’ is $1 per day. Rig fees cover administrative and operational costs of the Club and from time to time are used to subsidise Club events.

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