Tathra life after the bushfire

Out of the ashes Tathra has risen to be once again a top holiday destination

As we enter another summer season and with large parts of eastern Australia already under drought conditions, bush fires are again going to be a factor for many. You only have to look north to Queensland which has already experienced many major fires in a very hot and dry start to their summer fire season.

Now for most of us who have lived in Australia for any period of time we understand and are well aware of bushfires and their potential impact on towns, regions, livestock and of course people, but without getting into a debate about climate change the one clear fact that appears to be happening is the growing length and severity of the bushfire season in all states across Australia.

However, no matter the emergency the one thing that we Australians should be proud of is the great community spirit that these tragic bushfire events seem to bring out in most, this together with the ability to bounce back and rebuild both lives and property.

As a case in point I was travelling through the NSW South Coast recently and passed through the lovely coastal town of Tathra. Now as most of you will remember Tathra was very hard hit by bushfire earlier this year (2018) in fact it was another late season event with little warning that impacted the town on the 18-19 March 2018.The fire was fast and caught most by surprise and its effect was huge with some 65 homes lost, another 35 caravans/cabins also destroyed and 48 properties damaged. The truly most amazing thing was that no lives were lost or even serious injuries reported. The fire fighters did a tremendous job under taxing and difficult conditions.

One of OTR field editors John Ford lives in Merimbula and was in the area on the days of the event visiting family and John has written a short piece on the fire and a couple of his photos give you some idea of the tragic impact that unfolded. Now I was in Tathra in November so that’s some eight months after the bushfire and I was struck by the work going on in rebuilding and getting on with life that the town seems to exude.

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