Travelling Together – It Works For Some, But Not Others

Travelling in Convoy

Apart from enjoying all the sights and experiences along the way, one of the best things about travelling around this great country of ours is the sharing of your adventure with others.

Now clearly, the best opportunity to enjoy the social side of your travels is the daily ritual of ‘happy hour’ whether you are staying in a caravan park, national park, outback station, or beside the road in an overnight rest area. Yes, towards the end of the day, out come the camp chairs, usually a few drinks and nibblies and with those camped nearby (whether you knew them before or not), we all enjoy an hour or so of sociable chit-chat, usually about our travel experiences, before tucking ourselves away in bed for the night.

Now if you take things a little further and like the idea of actually travelling with others, then this has some other quite useful benefits as well – including having someone to lend a hand if you experience trouble (mechanical, accident, illness or otherwise), to help with backing onto a tricky campsite, to enjoy the comfortable feeling of ‘safety in numbers’, to benefit from the local knowledge of those who have been to some of the places before and perhaps best of all, you have a ‘built-in’ happy hour group at the end of each day.

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