Victoria’s High Country : Taking Victoria’s Higher Roads

You can nibble away at the edges or take one big bite, but as with any smorgasbord of delights, to truly appreciate the Victorian High Country a little bit at a time is your best bet

Being local to the Victorian High Country is one of those things I probably take for granted just a little. I have been known to rave about it to mates and colleagues from around the country but then when I am queried about where an out of state visitor should go, I have to say I am stuck for words. It is just such a large and varied area you cannot just “do the High Country” in one go. That is as stupid as the “let’s see Tassie in 2 weeks” brigade. Still pretty nice but you will not do it any justice at all. People who know it well will even struggle to tell you a favourite spot. There are just so many to consider. So I thought maybe an attempt to explain this magnificent area would be in order, knowing I am destined to fail to get it across properly because every item I have ever read on this huge area has missed the mark with me. But I will give it a guardedly feeble effort. In my mind I have sectored it according to the closest entry points so the smart traveller can check out this fantastic area in what I reckon are manageable chunks.

It is an imperfect science too so feel free to disagree with the way I have sectored the areas up. The network of tracks across and around this section of The Divide is massive. With years of pillage of these natural areas with mining, cattle use and timber collection the legacy has been some very nice access tracks so in that sense thank goodness our predecessors were so intent on profit and progress. Many are suitable for 2WD and many better for 4WD, and then a few where a proper 4WD is mandatory. If you need to ask what I mean by a proper 4WD it probably means you don’t have one. Anyway the guts of it is that you can focus on one area and do a loop trip or you can go from one area to another via loads of interconnecting roads. It really is a fantastic network that has been left behind by the logging and mining activities and these are now maintained for fire management and on-going recreational use. It is such a terrific use of our taxes in my view. In fact it is the sort of public utility that makes me happy to pay my taxes.

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