On the War Path

Discover wartime sites in and around Geraldton, WA

If you visit the coastal city of Geraldton in Western Australia these days, it usually seems to be a quiet and relaxing place. However, it wasn’t like that about 80 years ago during the Second World War. At that time Australia was preparing for possible invasion and there were over 40,000 troops and military personnel stationed in Geraldton. They outnumbered the locals by ten to one and have left their mark on many historical sites in the city and nearby. Exploring these sites can be a great way to add an interesting thematic strand to your visit.

Geraldton WWII History

We like to start our stay in a town with a visit to the local tourist information office. In Geraldton, the visitor information centre is located in the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, which was formerly the Town Hall, a grand building that opened in 1908. During World War 2 (WW2), it was a dance hall and would have been filled with troops relaxing and enjoying themselves on the weekends. Make sure you pick up a map of Geraldton, to help you find your way to the various tourist attractions.

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