Winter Camping

These days with the technology available to RV travellers, the ability to go camping and take on the Australian winters in some comfort are real options and without freezing your butt off…….

As winter rolls around each year most RV travellers start packing the good old van and start heading to all points NORTH. Winter times in southern Australia can be cold and camping in such conditions has very limited appeal for most folk and with good reason. However with the use of modern heating options for your caravan and the right clothes for when stepping outside, the ability to enjoy and discover a winter world that most people would miss, is an experience that invigorates.

Now under extreme weather conditions a winter cold front can send temperature down into single digits fast and snow can fall down to very low altitudes and as far north as southern Queensland. This winter of 2019 in early August such a weather event occurred and snow was experienced across many areas of Victoria and up into NSW down to very low levels. We (OTR) were away on a brief destination trip near Cooma in the NSW High Country in the very same week and decided to spend a night bush camping up near Kiandra. Setting up camp on the Wednesday late afternoon was fine if a little cold but once the fire was going and dinner under away life was looking good, a drink or two over dinner and all was well with the world. Snug and warm albeit with a few layers of sleeping attire a good night’s sleep was had, however the morning was a new world altogether with around 10 cms of fresh snow covering everything and the snow was still falling. The photos in this story will give you some idea of the rather beautiful scene that greeted us that Thursday morning.

For me and I am sure many others the High Country of this vast land holds a special appeal and winter time brings its own magic. Now many tracks and campsites in both the Victorian and NSW High Country are closed over the winter months and I fully understand why but if you are inclined and properly equipped with vehicle, RV and clothing then a winter touring option can be experienced and you may even find yourself enjoying this wintry world.

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