Viv Moon’s OUTDOOR & TRAVELLERS’ eCookbook

We are now basically out of stock of hard copies of Viv’s cookbooks – Viv Moon’s OUTDOOR Cookbook, and Viv Moon’s TRAVELLERS Cookbook, and we have made the hard decision not to reprint either books. It is the end of an era. However, both books are still available as ebooks for the moment.

HOWEVER, the BIG NEWS is that over the last 12 months Viv has been hard at work on her Covid Project and it has now come to fruition.

She has combined both of her much loved and successful cookbooks (OUTDOOR Cookbook and TRAVELLERS Cookbook), into ONE COMPLETE, ALL-INCLUSIVE AND EXPANDED 533 PAGE COOKBOOK.

 Viv Moon’s OUTDOOR & TRAVELLERS’ eCookbook

Viv has added an additional 149 recipes and the eCookbook now has 513 recipes, along with lots more colour photographs.

Viv is very proud of this new combined version of her cookbooks and she is sure it will be a welcome addition to any recipe collection and AMAZING VALUE for the size of the book and the numer of recipes it contains.

Even those who already have copies of Viv’s cookbooks will find lots more on offer in this new eCookbook, making it well worth adding it to their library. It is truly unbelievable and extraordinary value!!

The new Viv Moon’s OUTDOOR & TRAVELLERS’ eCookbook is available in – iBooks, Kindle, Kobo and Google Play. While Viv had hoped to have the book retail for AUS$14.95, the online companies have a range of prices from $14.95 to $19.99, with Google Play being the cheapest. This information has now been added to our own web site:

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