Behind The Sirocco II

If you’re dedicated to product research and finding the best fan for any RV, you might know a lot about the features offered by this favourite caravan fan. You might even know everything there is to read online about it! Even if you do, we wanted to give you a bit more information as to why the Sirocco II 12v fan is one of the most loved caravan accessories in Australia.

An original design made better

Have you ever wondered where the II in Sirocco II comes from? Indeed, there was a Sirocco 12v fan that predated the current Sirocco II caravan fan. We tested it in the market, found room for improvements, moved production to Canada and re-released it. Caframo is a global manufacturing company that has operated since 1955 and prides itself on customer satisfaction and trust. For us to keep a product on the market, it needs to meet our high-quality standards.

Under one roof from start to finish

The Caframo corporate offices, research and testing facility, manufacturing and warehousing are located in Georgian Bluffs, Ontario, Canada. Caframo is a privately owned company, and Caframo employees often refer to themselves as one big ‘Caframily’. Each Sirocco II is shaped in one of Caframo’s molding machines and then assembled on a line before being boxed up and shipped out. Due to high demand, there's not much need for warehousing these days!

The reason behind marine grade plastic

You may know that Sirocco II is made with marine grade plastic, but do you know why? Caframo selected it because marine grade plastic has special UV properties, high impact resistance (including a Slam Test subjecting the fan to drops at over 10G’s of force), fire retardancy, flexibility and enhanced weatherability. This resulted in a truly great product that is perfect for boat cabins! That’s right, before Sirocco II became the favourite fan for caravanners, it was manufactured with boaters in mind. Cabin comfort, especially for liveaboards, is super important. So Sirocco II was originally engineered to make the rest area below deck more comfortable!

Made in the land of caravanners and boaters

Caframo has a beautiful view of Colpoy’s Bay, which is part of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. In summer months, gorgeous sailboats tour the bay as their occupants gaze on the Niagara Escarpment and spend time exploring the many areas and towns connected to Georgian Bay shores. Just up the hill from our facility, Grey Road 1 connects some of the most popular tourist destinations on the Bruce Peninsula. If you want a truly spectacular and scenic drive, take a trip along this road and straight past our driveway; many RVs do just that during the busy tourist seasons! How many of them have Sirocco IIs on board? All of them, we hope! Or one of SEEKR by Caframo’s line of 12v and 24v fans.

Customer Service

When’s the last time you called customer service and the phone was answered by an actual human? When you call Caframo there will be no automated menu, no waiting on hold and no fuss. That’s the kind of customer care we pride ourselves on. It’s a small detail that makes a world of difference. This service is offered 8am – 4:30pm EST, but the same care and dedication to customer satisfaction is available through email or our social media channels.

Bonus: Trust

This one isn’t so “behind the scenes,” in fact it’s happening all the time. We have built a community that trusts our product. Our team has made personal connections with many RV manufacturers, all of which have installed Sirocco II in their range for years. We also have connected with dozens of people who are documenting their caravan life and have mentioned Sirocco II on Instagram and YouTube. We’ve even featured some of the most interesting stories on our blog! Keep up with our community via our InstagramFacebook, or YouTube channel!

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