Camp longer with The Adventure Kit from iTechworld

Have you ever gone free camping and ran out of power? Did you have to cut your trip short? Here is the solution, presenting the iTechworld Adventure Kit.

We all love exploring our beautiful country, and if you are like us and like to get off the beaten track, you know power is key to how long you can free camp. The heartbeat of the iTechworld Adventure Kit is the famous iTECH120X lithium battery which provides ample power for 12v fridges, inverters, and everything in between. An iTECH120X can run a standard 40L 12v fridge for roughly five days before it needs a recharge, and here is where it gets clever; also in the bundle is a dual input iTECHDCDC20 charger. The iTECHDCDC20 charger connects to your cranking battery and charges the iTECH120X as your drive along; when you stop, you can plug a solar panel or solar blanket into the iTECHDCDC20 charger, and it will continue to charge. Think about how much longer you can free camp thanks to the iTechworld Adventure Kit.

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