Jacka Industries and Goldstream RV

As of February 2023 all Goldstream Camper Trailers can now be factory fitted with the patented 12 volt JackaHD (heavy duty) electric roof lift system.

The official launch was at the Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow late in February 2023.

The team at Goldstream RV, in conjunction with Mal and Stuart at Jacka Industries, over the last 12 months have approved the JackaHD electric roof lift system for their windup camper range. Goldstream RV have put the JackaHD unit through their strenuous evaluation process, with the result that Shaun Noble and his team are now able to offer the JackaHD system as a factory fitted option – an alternative to the manual winch system.

Anyone familiar with wind up Camper Trailers will know there is effort involved in the manual winch system. Most camper roofs are 4.5m long and, like all of Goldstream’s product, it is made to the highest standard possible which results in a substantially well-built roof that places an equally substantial load on the old winch and cable system. That system is under a huge amount of tension.

After a ruined holiday for Stuart and his wife, El, Mal and Stuart set about designing an all new electric lift system that operates far more safely and easily with all components under compression rather than tension. During operation the JackaHD uses the latest technology in PCB electronics and linear drive technology to ensure the safest and strongest product. Even if you leave a roof latch on, the system will stop all motors, reverse them to relieve pressure and notify the operator on the touchscreen which corner has a fault detected. Even battery voltage is monitored for our low voltage protection feature. Each corner is self-locking so there are no nasty surprises – the more load there is the harder it locks.

A jumper harness is included in each kit if you have a flat battery.

In short, Mal and Stuart have done everything possible to develop a safe electric lift system that eliminates operator error and the physical strain of winching up the roof.

Many, many customers have thanked them as they were going to sell their camper due to health issues and the associated difficulty in winding up the roof – now they can buy a new Goldstream Camper Trailer, or upgrade their old one, and continue to enjoy our wonderful country.

Not only can the JackaHD System be factory fitted, BUT it can be retro fitted to any Goldstream Camper Trailer through Goldstream’s Dealer Network together with Jacka’s Australia Wide Service Agent network.

Mal and Stuart at Jacka Industries have been greatly impressed with the approach taken by Shaun and his team at Goldstream and their desire to be thoroughly educated about the operation of the lift system so they can pass on their knowledge to their Dealer Network and customer base. Likewise Mal and Stuart are always available to answer any questions that customers, dealers or service agents may have about the electric roof lift system.

They look forward to a long and rewarding association between Goldstream RV and Jacka Industries. For more information visit jackaindustries.com or goldstreamrv.com.au

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