How To Keep Your Pets Cool Too!

Everyone knows that the Sirocco II is the fan-favourite amongst Australian caravanners, but did you know it’s the best-loved fan by Aussie caravanning pets, too?

Because staying cool is an absolute must for dogs and cats alike, the Sirocco II’s 360° directional airflow, trusted name and reliability is never overlooked by our furry friends. Your vehicle may have aircon, but these can be a drain on your power supply and have the nasty habit of going kaput right when you need them most!

The low-power draw of the Sirocco II means you can leave it on for extended periods without worry and its quiet operation will ensure a good night’s sleep for you and your four-legged companions. The fan’s space-saving ability to be stored flat against the wall will make Sirocco II the wisest investment you can make when it comes to cooling down your RV’s interior and keeping your pets safe – and happy! Sirocco II fans are proudly made by SEEKR by Caframo in Canada.

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