The Ultimate 12V Camping Setup – 12V 50A Power Management System with App Control

XO Tech is ARK’s next generation of the XO Series range tailored to 12V electrical systems for the Camper, Caravan, 4×4 and canopy fit outs. The XO Tech Power Distribution Hub (PDH) is the latest innovation by ARK which allows the control of on-board devices, monitoring of usage, battery protection, a range of outputs along with Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and monitoring from your smartphone. The XO Tech PDH is an all-in-one power management system that distributes power through a full suite of outputs. No more bulky control boxes, rocker switches or even fuse boxes! The PDH is completely equipped with all these features and more in an innovative, compact, lightweight and easy to install system giving full control and monitoring of the 12V electricals in the recreational vehicle.

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