Spotto Books for Kids

I’m bored”

“are we there yet?”

Words you cringe to hear on the road. When travelling Australia, it is very common to spend four hours in the car a day, so boredom is bound to creep in at some point.

Outback Jess has created a series of books to bring out the big kid in everyone.

Growing up she loved playing the game of “Spotto” where you see a yellow car and call out Spotto to earn a point. She has extended this game in a Spotto Book, where you have to spy all things yellow and mark them off. Cars, buses, excavators, water taxis, road signs, even the Big Banana. This CLASSIC book has proved popular with all ages.

Outback Jess worked as a tour guide throughout Australia for over a decade and has also travelled two laps of Australia for fun, with her husband and their two young children. Being used to travelling long distances easily she was surprised to find out her kids did not cope with boredom as well as she did.

Spotto Books were created to keep them entertained. “I didn’t want them to be face down on a device missing everything. I wanted them looking out the window and learning about Australia” she said.

The AUSTRALIA book was tested on a trip to Cape York, and again on her kids first lap of Australia. Not only did her children use the books daily and get excited when they spotted something in the book, they never asked to use a device. “It made ALL car rides fun” she said “I need to make these for everyone”

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