VMS3DX Guides Those Who Wander Aimlessly

We live in a technological age – embrace it, I say!

Steering the outback, the bush, the scrub, faraway places, and local tracks has never been easier than with the latest VMS navigation unit, the 3DX.

Sure, paper maps still have their place, but utilising electronic navigation provides so much more than a piece of paper can return.

Many features set the 3DX apart from the pack; the adjustable three-dimensional aspect returns a life-like view of any terrain, visually helping to understand what the driver is about to negotiate. In addition, being adjustable allows the vertical axis to be tweaked by the user to best show the topography ahead… the true ‘lay-of-the-land’. That’s a convenient feature for both those less accustomed to reading contour lines and spot heights on a map and those more versed in the art of map reading; it gives a sense of reality.

Given the extra-large, bright and high definition eight-inch screen, the information is not only detailed but easily read, even by those… and me… who need glasses to see smaller screens. Thank you, VMS; I no longer need to keep popping my specs on to see what lies ahead.

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